Ground engaging tools (G.E.T.)

Proudcts ranges Bucket tooth, adapter, side cutter, ripper tip, protector, heel shroud, baldes, cutting edges, tooth pin and lock, bolt and nut, etc.
Application Machines Caterpillar®, Komatsu®, JCB®, Hitachi®, Kobelco®, Daewoo®, Hyundai®, VOLVO, as well as other earthmoing machinery D3C D4D D6 D20 D20-1 D20-2 D30 D31-15 D31-16 D31-17 D31-18 D31P-21 D41P-6K D41E-6K D41P-6

Our G.E.T. achieves the best combination of the impact and abrasion resistance by carefully selection of the right materials and property heat treatment process.

G.E.T. 机械性能Mechanical Propery 适用环境Working Condition
Tensile抗拉 Enlongation延展 Impact(AKV)冲击 HRC硬度
T1 ≥1400 ≥2 17-20J 48-55 普通作业环境Normal Condition
T2 ≥1600 ≥3 20℃≥20J 48-55 较复杂的砂土石等环境Bad Condition
T3 ≥1600 ≥3 20℃≥20J 48-55 严寒、恶劣的作业环境Chilly, harsh, cold,mining Condition